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Dawson Truck Lines is a mid sized trucking company positioning itself to be the most progressive trucking company in the United States.  We aim to achieve this through our dedication to integrity, speaking truthfully and a drive towards 100% customer satisfaction.   We at Dawson Truck Lines are cognizant of our financial requirements to successfully operate our business, but are mindful of our customers’ desire to be profitable helping to construct a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our passion is contagious and our attitude is driven by an enthusiasm to exceed the ever changing challenges of the transportation industry.  We know this industry, the challenges it holds, and we meet those challenges.  Our customers rely on us, but more importantly we depend on our customers.  We appreciate their feedback knowing it will help us achieve our mutual goals.  We will settle for nothing less.


Moving Customers Forward, Delivering Exceptional Service. That's it.


To be one of the leading mid-sized trucking companies in North America, leveraging our exceptional people and technology to deliver superior customer service and solid financial returns for our owner operators, employees, investors and business partners.



More Than Words, Standards we Live By...


    -  Every members opinion is valued and heard.

    -  We are not perfect but we strive towards constant improvement.

    -  We don’t complain about a problem, we solve it.


    -  We work together to obtain our clients and even harder to keep them.


    -  We build each other up, not cut each other down.


    -  We talk to each other, not about each other.


    -  Our day is not done until the job is done.


    -  Every breakdown is a learning opportunity.


    -  We work together to attain success and celebrate when we achieve it.


    -  We treat our clients' interests as our own and our work is not complete until they are satisfied.         


    -  We believe in hiring talented individuals, rewarding them properly and treating them fairly.

Corporate Philosophy


At Dawson Truck Lines, Inc. we hold ourselves to an uncompromising standard of service.  The Dawson Directives below signify both our beliefs and our attitude towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction.  The Dawson Directives are an extension of our vision and mission statements acting as guiding principles to our daily decisions.  We aim high, setting a rigorous standard knowing that we will not rest until our customers walk away satisfied.

Who We Are...

We are serious about service.  Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and technology we ensure that not only will your product arrive on time, but in a safe and cost effective manner.  We believe in earning your business the old fashioned way; one load at a time.  You will find we are reliable, detail oriented and enthusiastic about our privilege to serve your business. 

We are an asset based company that understands our strengths.  We do not attempt to be all things to all people, but desire an honest relationship with our customers.  Having a great understanding of our strengths provides us the ability to refrain from taking on work that we cannot provide consistent levels of service.  Our personalized service, communication and commitment to your success is evident not only in our corporate philosophy but in our daily actions.  Our hope is that you are as dedicated to our success as we are to yours.

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