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Our first step is to understand your business.  Our customer analysis lets you identify the desired areas of our services and how we can facilitate your businesses success.  The initial consultation consists of setting up your profile to understand your freight volume, lanes and pricing.   


This customer profile helps Dawson Logistics analyze and understand the areas solutions need to be employed.  Identifying these areas of improvement promote both communication and expectations. We focus on your logistical needs so that you can solely focus on what you do best, running your business.  

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Dawson Logistics provides an array of business solutions for our customers, both large and small. Whether you are looking for seasonal dedicated, spot or contract rates we can exceed your expectations. Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and strategy.


Dawson Logistics approach is different than most third party logistics company.  Being the cheapest doesn't make you the best.  Not only are we a logistics company with great resolve, we pride ourselves on earning your business one load at a time. There is always a solution, always.

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The strength of any team is only as strong as their weakest link.  This weakest link is not always an individual but  a process, communication, instruction or technology.  Dawson Logistics prides itself on it's people, progressive technology and continued industry education to strengthen our team. Our effective approach of hiring talented individuals, training them properly, treating them fairly ensures that we exceed your expectations.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dawson Logistics customer. 
Our business relationship provides seamless door-to-door transportation solutions.
Contact us to find out how.
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One Page

A simple reminder that the best solution is often not a complicated one.  Our approach is simple, 'Listen, Implement, Execute".  We aren't all things to all people, however we are tenacious to retain our customers, provide value, while preserving our values.

One Vision

Our team has one vision.  That vision is boldly stated and taken seriously.  We hold each other accountable to our corporate statement and measure our success on it.  We will always treat our customers interests as our own.

Eight Values

You will find our values lived out in our daily interactions.  Our expectation is that showing respect to others earns respect.  The industry is difficult and the hours are long.  We are up to the challenge it presents and refuse to place our honor or integrity in jeopardy to attain success. 

Our Vision

We create strong, lasting relationships based on integrity, transparency and mutual respect.  Always providing timely transportation solutions through trust, teamwork and accountability.  Listen, implement and execute. 

Core Values


Exceed All Expectations

We are committed to exceed the expectations of every interaction.

Project Positivity

We are positive professionals and celebrate each other's successes.

Generate Vitality

We respond to challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

Respect Others

We respect others and expect respect in return.

Breed Creativity

We create solutions through multimodal support - assets and logistics.

Give Back

We are a charitable corporation and active in the community.

Act with Honor

We conduct business with honor and integrity.

Embrace Teamwork

We collaborate with our customers, business partners and each other to achieve success.

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