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Focused Approach to Safe Transportation


Program Purpose

Dawson Truck Lines, Inc. has developed the Focused Approach to Safe Transportation (FAST) in order to better address our most critical safety challenges by devoting additional attention, training, communication and resources to resolve our apparent problematic safety areas. 

Enforcement Education

The purpose of the FAST approach is to further decrease the number of accidents, injuries, mechanical failures and roadside violations through a more targeted delivery of resources and education.  Dawson Truck Lines, Inc.’s safety focus also requests your technical assistance to support our commercial improvement plan.  We are dedicated to our improvement process and ask for your assistance to identify the problems with the opportunity to fix them without negatively affecting our safety scores.  We believe by addressing the issues as they arise we can think beyond traditional approaches and consider comprehensive, systemic safety solutions to provide consistent, safer work conditions to our employees and the general public.

Dawson Specific FAST Programs Information Below
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What You Tolerate, You Perpetuate

Dawson remains progressive in their approach to safety.  Below are several documents that illustrate procedures, disciplinary policies and incentives in relation to public safety and our SAFER scores

Inspect What You Expect 

Dawson is raising the bar on truck inspections. Mid-Service Inspections, PM Service Inspections and weekly Ten Truck Commandment Inspections are performed to ensure the highest level of mechanical focus.  Each of these inspections were implemented to hold the company, mechanic and driver accountable for the condition of the equipment striving towards zero maintenance defects

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